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Registration Renewal

Your registration expires on your birthday. If the vehicle is registered under a business name, the registration period falls on the last day of month, based on the name of your business.

Here’s what we’ll need from you to renew your tag.

  • Renewal notice or copy of last registration

  • Proof of insurance (must be uploaded in Georgia’s system or fleet insurance card)

  • Proof of Emissions (if vehicle is 3 years or older; over 8500 lbs; & in emission county)

Replacement decal and/or license plate

Certain counties require a police report to replace a license plate, give us a call and we’ll let you know if yours is one of these counties. To get a new decal or plate, we’ll need:

  • Copy of your registration

  • Notarized Power of Attorney form

Ownership transfer if purchased locally, out of state or from an individual

If you have purchased your vehicle from an individual, no sales tax is due. If purchased from a local dealer, the sales tax will be paid by the dealer. If purchased from out of state dealer or from a business, sales tax is due at the time of registration. If you require the title in hand, we can process the title at the GA Dept. of Revenue office. Otherwise, we will process the tag and title at your county and the title will be mailed to you or your lien-holder.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Original title signed off correctly by seller and assigned to new owner

  • Any reassignment forms which completes the vehicles chain of ownership

  • Bill of sales or dealer invoice

  • Copy of previous owner’s tag registration, if available

  • If you have license plate you would like to transfer,provide registration or tag #

  • Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • Proof of insurance (must be uploaded in GA’s system; fleet card; or 30 day binder)

  • Proof of Emissions (if vehicle is 3 years or older; over 8500 lbs; & in emission county)

  • Copy of Georgia driver’s license

Emission Waiver

If you’re working out of state and need to get your tag renewed and are not able to get the emission done, we can file the documents with the Clean Air Force on your behalf. Once they issue a waiver, we can process your documents for you at the county tag office. For the waiver we will need:

  • Proof that you’re out of state

  • Proof that the vehicle is out of state

  • Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • Application form

Duplicate Title at GA DMV

If you have lost your title and require a duplicate, we can get one right away. If the bank sent you the title and released the lien on the front then the title was lost, the lien will still be showing in the GA system. You will need to contact your bank to get a lien release form so that you can get a clear title. Here’s what we need to get a duplicate title:

  • T8 - Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • Lien release from the bank (if required)

Title Correction

If you find that your title has incorrect information, we’re able to get that corrected right away. Once we correct the title, we’ll go to the county tag office and get a duplicate registration showing the new information. Here’s what we need to get your title and registration corrected:

  • The original title

  • T8 - Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • If mileage needs to be corrected, we will let you know if other forms are required

Title Bond

We can apply for the title bond on your behalf. All we need is a fax or email copy of your Bill of Sale and copy of your GA driver’s license. We can also accept a copy of the existing title front and back. Georgia determines face value for a bond based on NADA value for the specific vehicle. As of December 2013, Georgia requires the bond be written for 2X the Fair Market Value of the vehicle. Minimum bond amount is $5,000. Once we receive the bond we will need:

  • Form T22B form, if the vehicle is not currently titled in Georgia

  • T8 - Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • Notarized MV46A form

Salvage Title

If you vehicle has been totaled, your insurance company may require you to obtain a Salvage Title. Here’s what we need to get the title branded for you:

  • The original title

  • Current mileage

  • T8 - Notarized Power of Attorney form

  • T158 - Surrendered Georgia License Plate Form