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Tag Renewal

  1. Renewal notice or copy of last registration.

  2. Proof of insurance (must be downloaded in Georgia’s DMV Gratis system or fleet card).

  3. Proof of Emissions (if required).

  4. Power of Attorney.

  5. Copy of driver’s license.

Ownership Transfer when Title is Required

  1. Original title signed off correctly by seller and assigned to new owner.

  2. Any reassignment forms or Bill of Sale forms which complete the vehicles chain of ownership.

  3. Copy of previous owner’s tag registration, if available and a new tag is being purchased.

  4. Copy of your current tag registration, if you have license plate you want to transfer to the new vehicle.

  5. Power of attorney.

  6. Proof of insurance.

  7. Proof of emissions (if required).

  8. Copy of Georgia driver’s license.

Duplicate Title at GA DMV

  1. T8 - Notarized Power of Attorney Form

  2. Lien release from the bank (if applicable)

Title Bond

  1. Copy of Bill of Sale or copy of title

  2. Copy of Georgia driver’s license

  3. T22B form

Title Bond process can be initiated by Avanco. All we need is a fax or email copy of your Bill of Sale and copy of a GA drivers license. We can also accepte a copy of the existing title front and back.

Georgia determines face value for a bond based on NADA value for the specific vehicle.

Contact Avanco Tag & Title for requirements for other services.

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